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Makes Sense Strategies Professional Development

     Makes Sense Strategies (MSS) videos series explores the MSS Toolkit, provides directions to access and use the software, features instruction routines, and provides samples created by teachers to address specific learning standards.    

Addressing Disproportionality in Alabama Schools

MSS professional development training must be conducted annually for all newly hired teachers, administrators, evaluators and others, as appropriate; in Alabama Public Schools.      

MSS professional development is organized into four parts.  Complete the training in the order in which it is presented, starting with Part I:  Introduction, Part II: Specific Discipline, Part III:  Big Bang Graphic Organizer Instructional Routines, and ending with Part IV:  Teacher Assessment. 

Handouts for the MSS professional development video series are located in each training section part.  To view and print handouts for each part of MSS professional development, click on the title of each clip. If you have problems with the handout or teacher assessment, try downloading the document to your desktop.  Then open it from your saved file

Part 1. Introduction
Click the link to view all three videos and download handouts:
Makes Sense Strategies Introduction

    What If Introduction
    Whats the Big Deal about Graphic Organizers?
    MSS software tour
    MSS SPE Teachers Instructions

Part 2.  Specific Discipline
Select from the menu below the area that best matches the type of position for which you have been hired.

1.  If you are a special education teacher, then select the  option that best aligns with the curriculum area that you spend the majority of your time supporting (e.g. if you will be co-teaching math courses in grade 9, then select "MATH, grades 6-12").
2.  We recommend that physical education teachers select one of the science options.
3.  We recommend that ROTC teachers select the Social Studies (grades 9-12) option.

  Administrators & Instructional Leaders
  (e.g., curriculum Coordinator, Professional Developer, Reading Coach)
  School Counselors
  Early childhood (K-3) Teacher
  Intermediate (4-5) Teacher
  Language Arts (grades 6-8) Teacher
  Social Studies (grades 6-8) Teacher
  Science (grades 6-8) Teacher 
  Language Arts (grades 9-12) Teacher
  Science (grades 9-12) Teacher
  Social Studies (grades 9-12) Teacher
  Math (grades 6-12) Teacher

Part 3.  "Big Bang Graphic Organizer Instructional Routines"
Click the link to view all five videos and download handouts:       
    GO Instruction Big Ideas

    BEFORE Lesson GO Routines
    DURING Lesson Reading GO Routines
    DURING Lesson Writing GO Routines
    AFTER Lesson GO Routines

Part 4:  Teacher Assessment
Click the link to open the teacher assessment.  Answer each question, then save and print. 
  Teacher Assessment

  Assessment for Administrators and Instructional Leaders

Note: If you have problems with the handouts or teacher assessment, try downloading documents to your desktop first, then open from there.

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