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Challenging Curriculum Guides for High-Functioning Students with Disabilities


     Challenging Curriculum Guides aligned to the Alabama Course of Study provides alternate lessons for high-functioning students with disabilities, or any students, who have demonstrated mastery of grade-level content, providing assignments and activities that address the mastered objective with added depth, complexity, and creativity.  Student choice is often incorporated into these assignments, allowing those who learn differently to approach required content according to diverse learning styles.  This allows students who are capable of working above grade level to engage in rigorous course work while addressing the required course of study standards.  By pre-assessing to identify strengths, teachers may plan appropriate response to instruction (RTI) for high functioning students, while still working with all students toward achievement of the same standards.


     Please see Curriculum Guides below and click to view the course of study for each curriculum: 
Challenging Social Studies Activities Guide K-12

Challenging Math Guide


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